Moringa Soap for Face 

 May 30, 2020

By  Sofia

Moringa Soap Review

There is no better feeling than using a natural and or an organic soap on your face at home.

In this article we undertake a Moringa Oleifera soap review to find the best soap at the time of writing which is 2020.

We do focus on use on our face. Why the face?  If Moringa soap can be used on the face, then it can be used anywhere on the body.  Also Moringa soap for acne is another great benefit.

I have heard of people also using moringa tea bags on their face.

If you need moringa soap for baby you can go here.

If you need to loose some pounds then we have a great article on moringa for weight loss.

Some other uses also report moringa soap to be anti inflammatory and that it keeps the skin moisturized so helps to reduce fine lines.

Benefits of The Moringa Soap

  • antiseptic properties
  • richness in vitamin A and C
  • ability to protect the skin from the environment
  • helps to prevent premature aging. 
  • best for the sensitive skin
  • makes the skin super soft
  • moisturises the skin with natural oil
  • makes skin healthy
  • cleanses and detoxifies
  • very mild to the skin
  • great at helping with acne

Properties of Moringa Soap

Moringa soap has properties from that of the Moringa Oleifera plant. Ideally you want to have your soap free from any kind of processed chemicals. Normally, the commercially available soaps are loaded with strong fragrances that are in fact filled with toxic chemicals.

The amino acids present in the moringa soap offer countless benefits to the skin. Amino acids are a vital part of the composition of the cleanser. Integrally, amino acids aid in the development and maintenance of the skin cells.

  • Threonine: regulates the production of collagen and repairs human-skin elasticity
  • Leucine: is an effective anti-aging treatment, which reduces fine lines and revitalizes the pores
  • Isoleucine: improves conditions like dermatitis
  • Phenylalanine: is essential to treat skin diseases like vitiligo
  • Tryptophan: diminishes scars, fine lines, and saggy human-skin
  • Lysine: essential for collagen synthesis
  • Valine: provides human-skin with natural resilience and betters its health
  • Methionine: vital for the strong growth of hair, skin, and nails

The Best Moringa Soaps of 2020

Moringa Soap Scrub by Maroma

All Natural

​Overall Rating

Overall Value


- No Synthetic Additives

- Certified Organic

- Gentle Scrub


- Medium Price

- Contains other Natural Oils

Value 85%
Price 75%

iHeart Nature Moringa Soap Bar

All Natural

​Overall Rating

Overall Value


- Anti Acne

- Cleans Pores

- Gentle exfoliation


- Higher Price

Value 80%
Price 75%

Madina Anti Acne Moringa Soap

All Natural

​Overall Rating

Overall Value


- Anti Acne

- Cleans Pores

- Contains Chia Seeds


- Higher Price

Value 80%
Price 60%


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