What is the Best type of Moringa 

 May 28, 2020

By  Sofia

What type of Moringa is the best in 2020?

This is an exciting subject to see which one is best - the big shoot out between many of the different parts of the amazing moringa tree.


Moringa is one of the most popular natural remedies that is available - It comes in many forms and you can find them all on the market today. Acknowledged as one of the most beneficial trees in the world. It has even been reported as one tree can feed a whole village and really is an amazing super food [REF]. From medical, to fibre, nutrition and other natural remedies it has all these features.

In our other articles we have also referenced many scientific papers written by researchers on moringa.

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So let's quickly introduce moringa oleifera, also known as the drumstick tree. This tree is native to the warm climates of India and Aais - but is now grown in many other climate regions of the world.

Almost all of the Moringa tree is highly nutritious. The leaves of the plant are regarded as a vegetable which rich in nutrition.

Nutritional Facts of Moringa Leaves

 A single cup of the leaves, contains 

  •  18% of your daily recommended vitamin B6
  •  12% of your daily recommended vitamin C
  •  11%  of your daily recommended vitamin B2

Moringa also has a long list of ailments and health conditions it helps with and again these are covered in our article on this.

moringa powder vs leaves


Moringa starts life as a tree, but  by the time it comes to us it is in a number of different forms. 

What are the different forms of Moringa?

  • Seeds
  • Powders
  • Leaves
  • Capsules
  • Teabags

Now which form of Moringa is the best?

Before deciding - we also need to consider how the raw material is processed.

The manufacturing method used to produce the natural product can remove some benefits. It's impossible for processing to not affect the fragile organic compounds that provide you a benefit. If the manufacturing method is very harsh even some mineral or vitamins can be destroyed or removed from the final product.

So in summary not all all products are the same.  It does help us understand if possible "fresh is best". Leaves from one manufacturer may be different in active ingredients than another.

Moringa Leaves

The best and most natural form of moringa is the leaves. Leaves from the tree can actually be eaten, like kale. Also similarly they can be cooked and eaten just like you might prepare spinach. One of the best ways would be for you to get your own moringa tree which you can buy online.

Moringa Seeds

Seeds are an interesting way of getting some benefits directly and in a very natural way. A popular use for the seeds is to prepare them in a similar way to popcorn. You basically spray them with a natural oil spray and toast them. They are actually very tasty.

If you are looking for a natural cure to not to severe constipation the the seeds to have a laxative reaction in many people.  We also know of many of our readers who also do a moringa detox or cleanse using them.  Another common way is to put them in your green smoothie. With the seeds just use a very small quantity because some people have a sensitive digestion system and you may feel some stomach discomfort, I do not use moringa seeds directly because of this.

 Moringa seeds are usually prepared for market by drying them out and then packaging and shipping them to your local store. While they are still in their dried natural state they will usually be not quite a fresh as a moringa leaf.

 The other important thing to note is that the seeds have a different nutrient profile to say the leaves of the same plant. This is not uncommon and is true of a variety of plants.

How many Moringa Seeds should I eat per day?

Seeds are small in size and therefore their nutrition elements are very concentrated.

  •  Recommended eating only 2-3 seeds a day.



Moringa Leaves

Leaves are quite different to seeds in the amount that you can consume over time with no downsides.. The green leaves are similar to kale etc.  

Moringa Powder

The most common form of moringa is the powder.  It is made by very gently drying the leaves of the moringa under a light quite low heat, it is also important to control the humidity in the drying process. 

The next step is to carefully grind them up into a fine powder.

 Moringa powder is used in literally hundreds of ways with equally as many benefits and it is one reason that people call it a miracle tree!

What Other Forms Of Moringa are there?


Moringa flowers are thought of as a delicacy in many places. They are often mixed into other foods. You can mix the Moringa flowers in salads is one of the most popular uses.

moringa flowers


 - see our post on the benefits of Moringa Oil


The easy answer is all forms of moringa are great for you. 

Fresh for me is best but in reality they are not going to be easy to buy.  If you are lucky you may have  local store that has them.

The most readily available forms of moringa are going to be powder and capsules and moringa tea bags.  It then comes down to your preference.

Do you want to add powder to a shake or smoothie? 

Do you want to use it as an ingredient in a recipe? If so, then the powder is best.

If you are busy and just want to get the advantage of taking moringa regularly then i recommend the moringa supplement each day as the best and easiest way. 

  • Fresh green moringa leaves

However all forms of moringa are good and if the fresh moringa leaf is not available the other forms are great.

Click here - for the best moringa powder.

Final Words

So now you know why they call the moringa tree the miracle tree - you can use almost all parts of it. 


I'm Sofia, one of the passionate voices behind Daily Detox Hacks. I’m a wife, a real mom. Dealing with real-life issues, whole food lover, and researcher. My mission with Dailydetoxhacks.com is to bring you the latest trends in healthy, non-toxic living, dieting tips, natural beauty, natural remedies and more!

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